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Who we are

Pierre, Gilly and Nicolas are the principal members of PNG INNOVATOR. We are now all residents living here in Costa Rica at Puerto Pilon situated between Pavones and Zancudo.
Professional builders in Europe for more than 30 years, we have built houses, many pools and renovated three very old beautiful castles.  All our adventures have enriched our professionalism and we learnt that nothing is impossible, just a question of understanding, adaptation and patience. 
Our journey is not complete; since our arrival we have patiently studied this new beautiful country. After having brought out several construction projects with satisfied customers we are now confident for the future and want to share our knowledge.

What we do?

 We promote and install Solar Systems

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   We build swimming pools

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We create  homes

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Why  promote solar energy?

Current global issues demand we produce enough energy without effecting our planet? We are very aware of these issues.
 Technology has captured and transformed the sun's UV  as a clean energy. Now, we all know  that solar electric power systems have worked efficiently for many years.
This solution took time to establish. Today, electricity-producing companies have finally found an asset from this energy. Consumption peaks are very expensive to manage, so in agreement with their clients who have opted for solar power, the electricity can be shared by both producers.
Our ambition is to build for the  future. Our construction will last for centuries  leaving our knowledge for generations to come.