To meet the electricity needs of a home or business, there are currently two systems:

• Grid-tied solar electric system*:

This system produces by means of solar panels, a DC electric current which is immediately transformed by the inverter into AC electricity. The electricity produced is used directly by the consumer and any excess electricity is fed into the public grid. This excess is recorded and sent back to you when you haven’t produced enough.

• Grid-off solar electric:

The electrical output is the same as the system above except that it is not connected to the public network. The energy is stored in batteries and used only by the producer.

• How it works?

The essential elements for the functioning of Grid-on electric system are solar panels composed of photovoltaic cells that are oriented towards the sun, an inverter installed in the house and several security systems  positioned on the circuit. ICE meter is replaced by a two way meter.
The number of panels and the size of the inverter are calculated based on your average annual consumption and your location. The calculation will cover your current needs but also moments of non-energy such as the night and the days of UV deficiency.


 During the day electricity produced is consumed directly. The unused electricity is sent into the public network.



solar jour


 At night or when needed, the system  reverses and you get back the excess electricity that you produced before.



solar nuit


• PNG INNOVATOR at your service

We sell, install and assure the after sales service.
Our supplier is located here in Costa Rica and has been for many years. It is one of the best companies selling solar energy systems in the country. We work together, he sells us the materials, but also handles all the administration with ICE.  He provides us with all the necessary equipment specifically tailored to each client and carefully selects each item for its quality, durability and compatibility with our tropical climate. If you wish, we have his contact information available for you. 

• Warranties

Canadian Solar panels are well known for their quality. They are guaranteed 25 years (> 80% production) and have an expected life span of 50 years.
We use two types of inverters Powerone (USA) and SMA (Germany) renowned for their quality and life spans. They are both approved by ICE and have a 10 year warranty which can be extended to 25 years.

Technical details  of our solar panels:

Canadian Solar

 Perlight Solar

Canadian Solar Inc. is the leader of  high efficiency solar cells, solar modules, and solar power systems. Canadian Solar panels are renowned for their quality.
Guaranteed 25 years (> 80% production) and have an expected life span of 50 years.
 Perlight Solar uses state-of-the-art technology in the design & manufacturing process, thus ensuring the superior quality as well as the modern appearance.

[ Technical Details

Inverter's details:

An inverter converts the DC electricity produced by your generator into AC power (110v or more), which is then either sent to your electrical appliances or to the national electricity grid. The inverter is the brain of the system and needs to fulfill all the requirements of your current electricity provider in matters of security and protection. The type of inverter you need will depend on your own objectives.
  • Robust brands like PowerOne (US) and SMA (Germany) for quality and long lifespan. Visit Enphase or Power One AURORA
  • SMA Solar Technology is a global leader in development and production  
  • All our brands are approved by your current electricity provider.
  • Warranty of 10 years, can be extended to 25 years.

inverter aurora




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Return of Private Investment

  • Without a solar system, you will still receive the same electricity bills, the cost however will increas heavily every year due to the rise in electricity prices.
  • After interconnection with the grid, your electricity bill will decrease to a minimum.
  • With electricity prices rising, your investment is likely to return within 8 to 10 years depending on your system size.
  • Given that the expected lifespan of all components is between 25 and 50 years, switching to solar has become more interesting than ever before!



Costa Rica news : 

Finally ! an agreement. Below is the latest information about the connection of solar systems to Costa Rican electric networks.  April 2016

"" The pricing model for net metering, which will enable Costa Rican homes and businesses that generate their own electricity to store surplus in the grid, enters into force on Friday.
Environment and Energy Minister (MINAE) Edgar Gutiérrez announced the launch of the program, which will allow consumers who have solar panels or other renewable energy systems, but who are also connected to the grid, to save even more on monthly bills.
Homes and businesses that produce renewable energy for self-consumption will pay interconnection tariffs approved by the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP).
All power companies have set their tariffs and are ready to start offering interconnections to the national electricity grid.
Under the new program, customers can recover 49% of their energy sent in the electrical network. This recovered energy will be billed (by ICE or other) about 1 third of the price of  the current Kwh rate ( night rate as well as the first 100 Kwh)
The program aims to promote the use of renewable energy and reduce monthly bills for consumers. It will also help power companies offset their production, transmission and administrative costs.
MINAE officials said the economic benefits of distributed generation will be mostly noticeable over the long term, as the system does not charge for energy as it is produced, but rather for energy stored in the grid for later use.
The project already has an initial list of some 50 customers of the National Power and Light Company. Most of them are industrial and commercial consumers, which already have approved feasibility studies.
The Costa Rican Electricity Institute also has a list of 300 customers who took part in a pilot project that currently provides 11 megawatts to the national energy system. Among them are state-owned and private companies with installed solar panels, such as the state-owned Banco de Costa Rica, cleaning product manufacturer Florex and Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, which uses solar energy to power its stadium’s lighting system.
MINAE officials estimate the full process to connect to the national electricity grid takes two to four weeks.
In order to join the distributed generation program, customers must pay for a technical feasibility study and inspection fees from power companies.
Besides solar, hydro, biomass and wind energy also qualify for the program.
MINAE vice minister Irene Cañas noted that the local market already offers several financing options for acquiring renewable energy systems, therefore she hopes many people soon will be joining the distributed generation program.""